Let us build a community for your food spot

YumEz takes your restaurant outreach to the next level by connecting it directly to the community.

How It Works

Text promotions

We communicate your promos via SMS when customers are hungry.


Our service enables customers to order on SMS. No extra fees or hassle.

Social media

We foster a direct link between your business and local customers.


We solicit customers through text alerts to bring your food right to them.

Yummy Pricing

YumEz Free


per month

YumEz Biz


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Frequently Asked Questions

We will follow up with you ASAP once you text us or fill out the form above! Expect a response in the next 24 hours!

A promotion keyword is simply a word that associates with your promotion offer. For example, if you are giving a pizza discount and your keyword is PIZZA, a customer who texts “PIZZA” will receive your pizza promo.

Once customers receive your promo, they have the option of ordering your offered deal by text. As soon as they text back, our system either alerts you of their order or connects you directly with them on a phone call.

An advertisement is a text promotion that we send to users directly without them texting first. Think of it sort of as a mass SMS announcement. Because it gives users the most direct exposure to your business, it is one of the best ways to attract customers.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email at [email protected] We’ll reply ASAP!