About Us

YumEz is a startup currently serving Philadelphia and its suburbs with the aim of helping local businesses thrive during trying times.

The food you love,
just one text away.

YumEz is a startup founded upon opportunity, innovation, and hope. We strive to connect local businesses with their community so that they can achieve their fullest potential even during the worst of times.

By networking local restaurants, diners, bistros, and other food venues with their communities through our unique technology, we hope to save businesses and consumers alike money that’s better spent on the bigger things in life.


We seek to network our community together through technology and enterprise.


We aim to give struggling local businesses a helping hand during these hard times.


We aspire to define new ways to connect businesses to their customers with technology.


We strive to grow not only as a business, but as people and entrepreneurs as well.

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Meet Our Creative Team

Elliot Ginzburg

Marketing Lead

Jonathan Xu

Tech Lead

Our YumEz Services

The pandemic has shuttered the doors of 100,000+ businesses across the country. Our goal is to increase orders and volume at local businesses in communities by networking restaurants with consumers.

YumEz provides a first of its kind marketing and sales strategy that gives promotions to any local food spot via text. We make saving money, ordering food, and finding great local spots easy.

Along with providing increased business to small businesses during this difficult time, YumEz takes opening days for restaurants and businesses to the next level. 

Text & Eat

Text what you're craving. We give you the hottest promos from your favorite restaurants.

Social Media

Through Facebook, Instagram, and other media, we connect our businesses to consumers.


We analyze trends in customer behavior to maximize business outreach and reception.

Chatbot AI

With our customized chatbot AI, we communicate with all your customers 24-7.